Randall Boggs Disney Infinity 2

The official artwork.

Randall Boggs
is the main/secondary antagonist of Monsters, Inc. and a supporting character in its prequel, Monsters University. He is an expansion character in Disney Infinity.Randy was released on August 18th at launch. He is also a mission giver in the Monsters University Play Set.

Information Edit

  • Name: Randall Boggs
  • Alias: Randy, Ned, Switt, Lizard Boy
  • Franchise: Monsters, Inc.
  • Sex: Male
  • Species: Monster
  • Friends: Fungus (formerly), Roar Omega Roar (formerly), Mike (formerly)
  • Enemies: Sulley, Mike, Fungus, CDA Agents, Oozma Kappa, Roar Omega Roar
  • Occupation: Scarer (formerly), College student (formerly), Member of ROR (formerly)
  • Residence: Monstropolis
  • Voice Actor: Peter Kelamis

Appearance Edit

Randall looks like a purple chameleon. He has four legs and four arms. He has three antennas on his head and mostly is seen with a grin on his face. The end of his tail is blue. He is 14 in Monsters University and Disney INFINITY and 18 in Monsters, Inc.

Abilities Edit

Randall is able to  the colour of his  to the area around him, making him invisible. But he also can change into other colours. Aside from that, he is also very agile and can scale walls easily. He is also able to roar, which is similar to Sulley's. Unlike the other monsters, Randall's sneak ability renders him invisible, and enemies will ignore him.

Films Edit

Monsters, Inc. Edit

Randy is one of the main antagonists of the movie, alongside Mr. Waternoose. He is constantly trying to be better than Sulley.

Monsters University Edit

In this movie, he meets Mike in university and becomes friends with him. However, Randy soon betrays him and Sulley after losing the Scare Games.

Trivia Edit

  • His model number is 1000014.
  • Although the team says that there are no four-legged characters, Randy technically has four legs.

Gallery Edit

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